Ncondezi Energy is focused on the development of a large scale, long life, integrated thermal coal mine and 300MW power plant project (the "Project") targeting reliable, affordable and accessible power whilst meeting the most stringent emission standards. The Project will supply power using nearby existing transmission infrastructure to meet local demand in the north of Mozambique.

The Project is one of the most advanced power development projects in Mozambique and has unique advantages over other potential power projects in the region including full ownership over its fuel source, provision of energy security through generation diversification and fast timetable to first power.

Aligned to Government Strategy

The Project is closely aligned to the Mozambican Government’s stated objective of universal energy access by 2030 with less than a third of the population currently on the grid. Mozambique currently has the largest percentage demand growth in southern Africa, forecast to grow by 2000MW over the next 10 years. Mozambique also acts as a key regional energy player, being the largest exporter of electricity to South Africa as well as supplying neighbouring Botswana, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Mozambican Government's current energy generation plan targets 650MW of new coal fired power on the grid by 2023, which the Project is being positioned to meet. In addition, the Project was selected as a key infrastructure project at the 2nd China-Mozambique International Cooperation Summit in 2019.